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Torrent name: Led Zeppelin Box Set, Vol. 2 1993 [EAC - FLAC] (oan)

Led Zeppelin Box Set, Vol. 2 1993 [EAC - FLAC] (oan)

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Description details of this torrent file

Led Zeppelin Box Set, Vol. 2 1993 [EAC - FLAC] (oan)

Out-of-print in the US! Two CD set containing digitally remastered versions of the remaining
30 tracks from Led Zeppelin's nine studio albums that were not included in the original four
CD Led Zeppelin box plus one previously unreleased cut: 'Baby Come On Home'. Although the first
box contains most of the Classic Rock radio staples, every track that Zeppelin recorded could be
considered 'classic' and this second box is filled with them. Includes 'Moby Dick', 'The Lemon Song',
'Bron-Yr-Aur', 'The Rover', 'The Crunge', 'Black Country Woman' and more. Like The Beatles before
them, the magic of Led Zeppelin would not have worked without these four talented individuals
(Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and John Bonham) and the musical landscape today would
be much different had they not come together to create what is now known as Hard Rock.

Track List CD1

  1 - Good Times Bad Times                     [02:47]
  2 - We're Gonna Groove                       [02:38]
  3 - Night Flight                             [03:36]
  4 - That's The Way                           [05:38]
  5 - Baby Come On Home                        [04:30]
  6 - The Lemon Song                           [06:20]
  7 - You Shook Me                             [06:27]
  8 - Boogie With Stu                          [03:51]
  9 - Bron-Yr-Aur                              [02:06]
 10 - Down By The Seaside                      [05:14]
 11 - Out On The Tiles                         [04:05]
 12 - Black Mountain Side                      [02:05]
 13 - Moby Dick                                [04:20]
 14 - Sick Again                               [04:43]
 15 - Hot Dog                                  [03:17]
 16 - Carouselambra                            [10:32]

Track List CD2

  1 - South Bound Saurez                       [04:13]
  2 - Walter's Walk                            [04:31]
  3 - Darlene                                  [05:07]
  4 - Black Country Woman                      [04:24]
  5 - How Many More Times                      [08:27]
  6 - The Rover                                [05:37]
  7 - Four Sticks                              [04:44]
  8 - Hats Off To (Roy) Harper                 [03:43]
  9 - I Can't Quit For You Baby                [04:42]
 10 - Hots On For Nowhere                      [04:43]
 11 - Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman)  [02:39]
 12 - Royal Orleans                            [02:58]
 13 - Bonzo's Montreux                         [04:18]
 14 - The Crunge                               [03:15]
 15 - Bring It On Home                         [04:20]
 16 - Tea For One                              [09:27]

Audio File Information, Properties And Specifications

Artist / Group: Led Zeppelin
Genre: Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock
Album Release Year: 1993
Label: Atlantic
Barcode No: N/A
Number of Tracks: 32
Total Duration: 2:29:33.453


Audio File Format: FLAC Lossless
Codec Version: libFLAC 1.2.1 20070917
Encoding Bit Rate: 876 kbps [Average Bit Rate]
Number of Audio Channels: 2 L/R [Full Stereo]
Audio Quality: 16bit / 44,100 KHz


Audio File Source: Original CDs Release
Converter: EAC V1.2,1 Secure Mode, Test & Copy


Audio File ID Tags: VorbisComment
Included Artwork: [Embedded Artwork Within FLAC Files]
Tag / Artwork Editor: Mp3tag v2.58
Additional Files: CUE Sheets FLAC & WAV, Log Sheet, MD5, FFP,foo_dr, and M3U
Total File Size: 983 MB
Ripped and Encoded Plus scans made by....oneanight


Name:Led Zeppelin Box Set, Vol. 2 1993 [EAC - FLAC] (oan)
Category:Audio > Flac
Language:English  English
Total Size:983.60 MB
Info Hash:8c11b4c720c18de225ec018060375aef1fcb0451
Added By:oneanight
Date Added:11-02-2020 18:49:22
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