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Announcements & rules > UK Pub Chain Hacked, Customer Data Stole

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it here!
DeluserPosted at 21:31:58 05.12.2015(417 wks ago)
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UK Pub Chain Hacked, Customer Data Stolen

Personal details of about 657,000 customers of JD Wetherspoon have leaked in the recent cyber-attack in the United Kingdom. The company explained that the hackers targeted its old website. As for the scale of exposure, the pub chain explained that very few credit and debit card details were stolen for just a hundred customers who bought the company’s vouchers on the Internet before August 2014. Moreover, even those details can’t be fraudulently used, since the leaked data contained only the last 4 digits of the card numbers, and didn’t include names and expiry dates.
The hacked database included personal details (names, dates of birth, email addresses and mobile phone numbers) of more than 655,000 customers. However, no passwords were stolen during the latest breach.

In the United Kingdom, Wetherspoons is now the latest company to be targeted by hackers. As you may know, telecoms group TalkTalk was breached in October 2015, and about 157,000 TalkTalk customers were affected in its 3rd data breach in a year. The TalkTalk case received wide publicity, and 5 people have already been arrested, mostly teenagers and young men.

The chief executive of the pub chain, John Hutson, apologized to the pub’s customers and employees who have been affected, saying that hacking was becoming more and more sophisticated and widespread. Wetherspoon promised to respond to this trend by increasing its efforts and investment in security. The company also said it would be doing everything possible to prevent a recurrence.

It turned out that not only customers were affected. Some personal staff details entered in the system before November 2011 were also stolen. However, those details didn’t include any salary, bank, tax or national insurance data. The company has notified customers via email and hired a cybersecurity specialist to investigate the hack. Wetherspoon also notified the Information Commissioners Office, a body responsible for data protection regulation.

The pub chain explained that the card data was not encrypted because the first 12 digits and the 3-digit security number were not stored on the affected database. It was also revealed that the details were targeted in June 2015, and it took the company so long to notify customers because the data was stored with a 3rd party company that hosted Wetherspoon’s old website, so the breach had not been discovered until December.

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DeluserPosted at 09:42:15 08.02.2016(408 wks ago)
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hacking and stoling data is becoming common in this new age of media so was not amused after seeing this but thanks for the news :D

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