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Torrent name: scitti politti - cupid & psyche (1985) new wave pop remix

scitti politti - cupid & psyche (1985) new wave pop remix

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Last Checked: 19-09-2019 17:15:26
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scritti politti - cupid & psyche (1985) new wave pop

source: commercial digital download 16/44 stereo flac

this album has been remixed & is not commercially available.

i believe the sound quality of my remix is superior to any commercially available version.

perfect way remix
Name:scitti politti - cupid & psyche (1985) new wave pop remix
Category:Audio > Flac
Language:English  English
Total Size:233.21 MB
Info Hash:0fd3ca30f91a14732b68b29c0a413eeadf762748
Added By:guitarsam
Date Added:11-09-2019 08:38:20
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