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Battle Creek Brawl - Chi Tocca il Giallo Muore (1980) [BDMux 1080p - H.264 - Ita Aac 2.0]

Battle Creek Brawl - Chi Tocca il Giallo Muore (1980) [BDMux 1080p - H.264 - Ita Aac 2.0]

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Description details of this torrent

Battle Creek Brawl

Chi Tocca il Giallo Muore

Ita BDMux By JackieALF

*Some extra I added are of my Original DVD9


Original Title: The Big Brawl
Country: USA/Hong Kong
Year: 1980
Genres: Action,Comedy,Marial arts
Director: Robert Clouse
Producers: Raymond Chow,Fred Weintraub
Full Cast: Jackie Chan,José Ferrer,Kristine DeBell,Mako,Ron Max,David,Sheiner,Rosalind Chao,Lenny Montana,Pat E. Johnson,Mary Ellen O'Neill,H.B. Haggerty,Chao Li Chi,Joycelyne Lew,Peter Marc Jacobson,Marcus K. Mukai,Gene LeBell,Sonny Barnes,Stephan Merjanian,Phil Mercado,Donnie Williams,Earl Maynard,Larry Drake,Helena Humann,Dolly Benjamin,Eugene Anderson,Steve Uzzell,Gene Rader,Big John Hamilton,Kenneth Hudgins,Talmadge Scott,John Martin,Gary G. DeLaune,Hart Sprager,Craig Huston,Patricia Zapp,Frank Stewart,Robert Shaw,Collie Eng,Charles Balcar,Dan Balcar,Ox Baker,Jeep Swenson,Jeep Swenson(uncredited)


Set in Chicago in the 1930s, Jackie Chan's character, Jerry Kwan leads a very easy-going life with his girlfriend, Nancy (Kristine DeBell), and his family. His father owns a restaurant, and one day, he is threatened by the mob to pay a part of his profits. As the mob exits, Jackie enters the scene and rushes out the door to catch up with them. He answers back by taking them on and eventually catches the eye of the mob for his unique and talented fighting abilities. In effect, he is forced to join the Battle Creek Brawl fight in Texas. The mob promises to return his brother's fiancèe and give him the prize money as long as Jackie wins the tournament. Jackie gets help from a kung-fu teacher and uncle who trains for the Battle Creek Brawl. They focus on Jackie's speed and agility as he must fight very tough opponents, one of them including Billy Kiss, the big, bulky, unbeatable winner from previous battles who kisses his opponents after they are defeated.

General Info

Name:Battle Creek Brawl - Chi Tocca il Giallo muore (1980) [1080 H.264].mkv
Video Codec:H.264
File Size:8,734,418,968 bytes (8329.791039 MiB)
Duration:01:54:33 (6872.875 s)
Bit rate:10000.241852 kbps
Width:1280 pixels
Height:1080 pixels
Fps:24 Fps
Display aspect ratio:16:9
Audio language:Ita
Bit rate:16-bit
Sampling rate:48000 Hz


Name:Battle Creek Brawl - Chi Tocca il Giallo Muore (1980) [BDMux 1080p - H.264 - Ita Aac 2.0]
Category:Movies > HD / FHD
Total Size:8.13 GB
Info Hash:03bcd943614f66d69c6bccb6206cd8354c6fe569
Added By:JackieALF
Date Added:18-12-2023 11:34:51
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