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Rush Hour - Due Mine Vaganti (1998) [Bluray 1080p VC-1 Eng DTS-HD MA 7 1 - Deu Ita Esp Thai Ac3 5 1 - MultiLang Ac3 2 ...

Rush Hour - Due Mine Vaganti (1998) [Bluray 1080p VC-1 Eng DTS-HD MA 7 1 - Deu Ita Esp Thai Ac3 5 1 - MultiLang Ac3 2 ...

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*Thx to the Original Uploader


Original Title: Rush Hour
Country: Usa, Hong Kong
Year: 1998
Genres: Action, Comedy
Director: Brett Ratner
Screenplay: Ross LaManna, Jim Kouf
Scenography: Robb Wilson King, Thomas Fichter, Lance Lombardo
Photography: Adam Greenberg
Music by: Lalo Schifrin
Production: New Line Cinema, Roger Birnbaum Productions
Distribution: Warner Bros.


Jackie Chan -> Chief Detective Lee
Chris Tucker -> Detective James Carter
Tzi Ma -> Consul Solon Han
Tom Wilkinson -> Thomas Griffin/Juntao
Ken Leung -> Sang
Elizabeth Peña -> Detective Tania Johnson
Julia Hsu -> Soo Yung Han


On the last day of British rule of Hong Kong on July 1, 1997, Detective Inspector Lee of the Royal Hong Kong Police Force leads a raid at the wharf, hoping to arrest the unidentified, anonymous crime lord Juntao. He finds only Sang, Juntao's right-hand man, who escapes in a boat. Lee recovers numerous Chinese cultural treasures stolen by Juntao, which he presents as a farewell victory gift to his departing superiors, Chinese consul Solon Han and British police commander Thomas Griffin.

Two months later after Han takes up his new diplomatic post in Los Angeles, Han's daughter Soo Yung is kidnapped by Sang while on her way to school. Han calls Lee to assist in the case, but the FBI, afraid Lee's involvement could cause an international incident, pawns him off on the LAPD. Detective James Carter is tricked into "babysitting" Lee as punishment for botching a sting operation; when he finds out, he decides to solve the case. Carter takes Lee on a sightseeing tour, keeping him away from the embassy while contacting informants about the kidnapping. Lee makes his own way to the Chinese Consulate, where Han and the FBI await news about his daughter. While arguing with Special Agent-in-charge Warren Russ, Carter unwittingly negotiates with Sang, arranging a $50 million ransom drop.

The FBI traces the call to a warehouse, where a team of agents are killed by plastic explosive. Spotting Sang nearby, Lee and Carter give chase but he escapes, dropping the detonator. Carter's colleague, LAPD bomb expert Tania Johnson, traces it to Clive Cobb, a man previously arrested by Carter. Lee presses Clive into revealing his business relationship with Juntao, whom he met at the Foo Chow restaurant in Chinatown, earning Carter's trust. Carter goes to the restaurant alone and sees a surveillance video of Juntao carrying Soo Yung into a van. Lee arrives and saves Carter from Juntao's syndicate, but they are taken off the case as the FBI blames them for the botched ransom drop, with Lee sent back to Hong Kong. However, Carter refuses to give up and appeals to Johnson for assistance to sneak on board Lee's plane, where he persuades the Hong Kong detective to help stop Juntao together.

Griffin later involves himself in the case, revealing more about the HKPF's past with Juntao's syndicate, and implores Han to pay the ransom to avoid further bloodshed. At the opening of a Chinese art exhibition at the Los Angeles Convention Center, overseen by Han and Griffin, the now $70 million ransom is delivered, and Carter, Lee, and Johnson enter disguised as guests. Carter orders the guests to evacuate for safety, angering the FBI, but Lee catches Griffin accepting a remote for the detonator from Sang. Lee and Johnson realize Griffin is Juntao when Carter recognizes him from the Chinatown surveillance tape. Griffin threatens to detonate a bomb vest attached to Soo Yung and demands that the ransom be paid in full, as compensation for the priceless Chinese artifacts which Lee recovered in his raid. Carter sneaks out, locates Soo Yung in the van, and drives it into the building within range of Griffin, preventing him from setting off the vest.

Johnson gets the vest off Soo Yung, while Griffin heads to the roof with the bag of money. Lee takes the vest and pursues Griffin, while Carter shoots Sang dead in a gunfight. Lee has a brief altercation with Griffin that culminates in both dangling from the rafters. Griffin, holding on to the vest, falls to his death when its straps are torn, but when Lee falls, Carter catches him with a large flag. Han and Soo Yung are reunited and Han sends Carter and Lee on vacation to Hong Kong as a reward. Before Carter leaves, agents Russ and Whitney offer him a position in the FBI, which he mockingly refuses. Carter boards the plane with Lee, who annoyingly starts singing Edwin Starr's "War" off-key.

General Info

Disc Label: Rush Hour - Due Mine Vaganti (1998) [Bluray 1080p VC-1 Eng DTS-HD MA 7.1 - Deu Ita Esp Thai Ac3 5.1 - MultiLang Ac3 2.0 - MultiSubs]
Disc Size: 35,918,837,921 bytes
Protection: AACS


Name: 00100.MPLS
Length: 01:37:49.905 (
Size: 25,769,189,376 bytes
Total Bitrate: 35.12 Mbps

(*) Indicates included stream hidden by this playlist.


Codec                   Bitrate             Description    
---------------         -------------       -----------    
VC-1 Video              22,754 kbps         1080p / 23.976 fps / 16:9 / Advanced Profile 3


Codec                           Language        Bitrate         Description    
---------------                 -------------   -------------   -----------    
DTS-HD Master Audio             English          5363 kbps      7.1 / 48 kHz /  5363 kbps / 24-bit (DTS Core: 5.1-ES / 48 kHz /  1509 kbps / 24-bit)
Dolby Digital Audio             German            640 kbps      5.1 / 48 kHz /   640 kbps / DN -27dB
Dolby Digital Audio             Italian           640 kbps      5.1 / 48 kHz /   640 kbps / DN -27dB
Dolby Digital Audio             Spanish           640 kbps      5.1 / 48 kHz /   640 kbps / DN -27dB
Dolby Digital Audio             Spanish           192 kbps      2.0 / 48 kHz /   192 kbps / DN -27dB / Dolby Surround
Dolby Digital Audio             Czech             192 kbps      2.0 / 48 kHz /   192 kbps / DN -27dB / Dolby Surround
Dolby Digital Audio             Hungarian         192 kbps      2.0 / 48 kHz /   192 kbps / DN -27dB
Dolby Digital Audio             Thai              640 kbps      5.1 / 48 kHz /   640 kbps / DN -27dB
Dolby Digital Audio             English           192 kbps      2.0 / 48 kHz /   192 kbps / DN -27dB / Dolby Surround
Dolby Digital Audio             English           192 kbps      2.0 / 48 kHz /   192 kbps / DN -27dB / Dolby Surround
* Dolby Digital Audio           Japanese          192 kbps      2.0 / 48 kHz /   192 kbps / DN -27dB / Dolby Surround

Subtitle:       English / 41.04 kbps
Subtitle:       German / 45.34 kbps
Subtitle:       Italian / 42.29 kbps
Subtitle:       Spanish / 32.59 kbps
Subtitle:       Chinese / 32.93 kbps
Subtitle:       Korean / 24.33 kbps
Subtitle:       Spanish / 31.43 kbps
Subtitle:       Arabic / 19.07 kbps
Subtitle:       Bulgarian / 32.61 kbps
Subtitle:       Croatian / 31.70 kbps
Subtitle:       Czech / 23.50 kbps
Subtitle:       Danish / 32.89 kbps
Subtitle:       Estonian / 35.56 kbps
Subtitle:       Finnish / 28.23 kbps
Subtitle:       Greek / 21.38 kbps
Subtitle:       Hebrew / 25.33 kbps
Subtitle:       Hungarian / 32.30 kbps
Subtitle:       Icelandic / 40.13 kbps
Subtitle:       Norwegian / 29.17 kbps
Subtitle:       Polish / 31.21 kbps
Subtitle:       Portuguese / 34.89 kbps
Subtitle:       Romanian / 29.64 kbps
Subtitle:       Slovenian / 28.24 kbps
Subtitle:       Swedish / 32.58 kbps
Subtitle:       Thai / 30.85 kbps
Subtitle:       Turkish / 37.05 kbps
Subtitle:       Chinese / 59.41 kbps
Subtitle:       Chinese / 25.49 kbps
* Subtitle:     Japanese / 23.37 kbps
* Subtitle:     Japanese / 44.32 kbps
* Subtitle:     Japanese / 26.94 kbps
* Subtitle:     Japanese / 0.18 kbps

Codec                           Language        Bitrate         Description    
---------------                 -------------   -------------   -----------    
Presentation Graphics           English         41.04 kbps      1920x1080 / 1430 Captions
Presentation Graphics           German          45.34 kbps      1920x1080 / 1455 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Italian         42.29 kbps      1920x1080 / 1464 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Spanish         32.59 kbps      1920x1080 / 1332 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Chinese         32.93 kbps      1920x1080 / 1279 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Korean          24.33 kbps      1920x1080 / 1246 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Spanish         31.43 kbps      1920x1080 / 1292 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Arabic          19.07 kbps      1920x1080 / 1241 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Bulgarian       32.61 kbps      1920x1080 / 1242 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Croatian        31.70 kbps      1920x1080 / 1228 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Czech           23.50 kbps      1920x1080 / 1223 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Danish          32.89 kbps      1920x1080 / 1238 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Estonian        35.56 kbps      1920x1080 / 1243 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Finnish         28.23 kbps      1920x1080 / 1000 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Greek           21.38 kbps      1920x1080 / 766 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Hebrew          25.33 kbps      1920x1080 / 1241 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Hungarian       32.30 kbps      1920x1080 / 1244 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Icelandic       40.13 kbps      1920x1080 / 1250 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Norwegian       29.17 kbps      1920x1080 / 1239 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Polish          31.21 kbps      1920x1080 / 1234 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Portuguese      34.89 kbps      1920x1080 / 1243 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Romanian        29.64 kbps      1920x1080 / 1064 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Slovenian       28.24 kbps      1920x1080 / 1239 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Swedish         32.58 kbps      1920x1080 / 1166 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Thai            30.85 kbps      1920x1080 / 1246 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Turkish         37.05 kbps      1920x1080 / 1246 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Chinese         59.41 kbps      1920x1080 / 1890 Captions
Presentation Graphics           Chinese         25.49 kbps      1920x1080 / 832 Captions
* Presentation Graphics         Japanese        23.37 kbps      1920x1080 / 1144 Captions
* Presentation Graphics         Japanese        44.32 kbps      1920x1080 / 1414 Captions
* Presentation Graphics         Japanese        26.94 kbps      1920x1080 / 810 Captions
* Presentation Graphics         Japanese         0.18 kbps      1920x1080 / 7 Captions


Name            Time In         Length          Size            Total Bitrate  
--------------- -------------   -------------   -------------   -------------  
00020.M2TS      0:00:00.000     1:37:49.905     25,769,189,376  35,120 kbps


Name:Rush Hour - Due Mine Vaganti (1998) [Bluray 1080p VC-1 Eng DTS-HD MA 7 1 - Deu Ita Esp Thai Ac3 5 1 - MultiLang Ac3 2 ...
Category:Movies > Blu-ray
Total Size:33.45 GB
Info Hash:5e4da17c098f6a83ce7dc5adb1d8beb651f475d2
Added By:JackieALF
Date Added:22-12-2023 13:20:00
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